July Ipsy Bag


How cute is this bag! It’s the character Guderama pronounced Gudetama from the Japanese cartoon company Sanrio. If you unfamiliar with the company you may perhaps be familiar with the character Hello Kitty? That is by the same company. Guderama is a lazy egg character that I love partially because of my love for fried eggs. It’s just such a cute idea and since this month’s bag theme is lazy, it fits to have the character be a lazy egg.


These are the products I received in this months Ipsy bag. I got the Beau Gachis illuminator brush which is vegan friendly and made with synthetic hairs,I got a Jersey Shore Cosmetics Mandarin Green Orange and Ginger Mongongo lip balm, the Ciate London Wonderwand Gel-Kohl Hybrid Liner in black, The Nomad Cosmetics Illuminating Highlighter in Midnight Sun, and the Tarte! Amazonian Clay Waterproof bronzer in Park Avenue Princess. The eyeliner, lip balm, highlighter and brush are all full-sized and all the brands are cruelty free!

Link to the Jersey Shore Lip balm priced $10 here. 

This is a citrus scented lip balm which does have a bit of a sunflower hint because the main base for the balm is sunflower and beeswax. I like it quite a bit although my favorite lip balm still is the peppermint one they sent me back in January.

The Beau Gachis brush which is $9.95 here. 

This is a synthetic delightfully small brush which they describe as being good for highlighter or to blend out concealer. I’m hoping to test it out both ways and it does apply highlighter quite well. I’m so happy that it’s vegan and cruelty free friendly as it allowed me to get ride of my other highlighter brush which was from a non CF brand.


Tarte Park Avenue Princess Bronzer full-sized is $30. Link to product here.

I am so excited to have received this. I love trying new tarte products, they are such a cute brand. This is a shimmer Amazonian clay based bronzer which looks beautiful and radiant without having glitter. It seems to last quite a while and I’m not sure about it being waterproof, it does last through a hot day.


Nomad Cosmetics Highlighter in Midnight Sun is full-sized as it’s sold in a palette called the Stockholm palette. It is currently on sale for $36 regularly priced $47. Link here.

This is a lovely pretty champagne gold highlight (It’s next to the bronzer swatch, It’s just hard to see.) It’s a very pretty shade that is glittery but not as much as a ABH highlight. It can be made more suble or bold but my one gripe with this is that it doesn’t seem to last all day on my skin. It is pretty though…


Ciate London Wonderwand eyeliner one side is a kohl eyeliner one side is an angled brush. It is full-sized and retails for $18. Link to product here.

This is the one product I’m the least happy with only because i really don’t use pencil eyeliner pretty much ever, and this is the kind that seems soft when I swatch it, but is hard and almost kind of hurts to draw on my eyes. The brush on the other side of the wand is incredibly flimsy and cheap feeling so it’s a waste to have added it to the product if they weren’t going to make the brush well. It you are more of a pencil liner person this may appeal to you more.


This is a hydrating cream that I got from Ipsy for my points. I had over 700 points because I never redeem them but I always review my products since it helps them better personalize my bag. I have received two Seraphine Botanicals products in the past, one a cream blush, the other a powder blush. I love them both and so I was very excited to see this as a points offer (the brands products are also a bit expensive in my opinion but again support indie brands) It is a vegan and cruelty free brand and I’ve been using it as a hand cream although on the website it says I can also use it on my face. It is light and has the most wonderful fruity smelling scent that is super familiar but I don’t know what is it. I love it. It retails for $19 and I think the size I got is full-sized but I’m not quite sure. You can see the product here.



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