Baltimore, Maryland and Cozumel, Mexico 2017


Ahola! I speak zero Spanish and it was a damn good thing everyone spoke great English. I apologized a lot for taking French in high school and then also for forgetting it when people tried to ask my questions in that language too. I know…stupid monolingual Americans.

My aunt Becca offered to take me on a trip with her to Mexico for my graduation present and so this was my big hurrah trip of the year. It was amazing. I flew out the 21 of July to Baltimore, Maryland and spent three days there and then we flew to Cozumel, Mexico together. We spent nine nights there and then flew back to Baltimore where I spent two days there before flying back home on August 4th. Just slightly over a two week trip away from home.


Our hotel room. We stayed in an all inclusive resort called Iberostar. My aunt booked throw Apple Vacations and had stayed at this resort four or five times and had booked through Apple Vacations each time. Although I had no part in booking the vacation if you are interested in looking at resorts I really loved where we stayed.  The rooms were quite nice and air conditioned (it was so hot and humid and nothing was better than taking a nap in the cold room) we had complementary water, soda and beer in the rooms which they refilled every two days and all the meals and drinks were included. The resort had a buffet restaurant open for breakfast and dinner, a snack bar by the pool, a buffet by the pool, a pool bar, and two themed restraints one asian and one Mexican cuisine. The ocean was right by the resort and could be easily accessed. It also had a spa although sessions were not included and were ridiculously expensive in my opinion. The resort also had a hospitality/entertainment team called the Starfriends who did exercise sessions, volleyball, stuff for kids, and sports during the day and then a show every night. It was very easy/could be easy for you never to leave the resort the whole time if you had no ambition to explore the island.

Views of the hotel bathroom and the shoes I brought with me: Flip Flops, Keens (Water shoes), Converse, Birkenstocks.

Top: Kohl’s, Shorts: Thrifted, Flip Flops: Local Store, Sunglasses: Ray Bans, Backpack: Fjallraven Kanken.


My aunt and I spent most of the time on vacation relaxing which was so so nice. We spent a lot of time at the pool and ocean swimming, reading and worshiping the sun, or for me pretend worshiping the sun since I had inches thick of sunscreen on every day in an attempt not to burn. Spoiler still did once although not badly. I also had many many comments on how pale my skin was.

We took a taxi twice to the downtown area to go shopping so I could buy my family gifts. What surprised me was how many American companies had shops there, which also made me a bit sad because I go to another country to see their stores/restaurants/museums not my own. Another thing I was not used to was how persistant the shop owners would be trying to get us to go into the stores. Our first day into town we ate dinner at a little restaurant called Kinta which my aunt had been to before, and the second we just wandered around and shopped.

The Kinta’s website link is here.


One day we woke up really early and took a taxi, then a ferry, and then a bus to see Tulum. Tulum is the site of a small Mayan city and was really cool for me to see because as a history nerd I am all about learning about those sacrificial rituals and writing systems. It was so cool and painfully hot. So hot. So cool.


Our second big thing was we did a half day snorkeling trip which was lovely to do. Being a very blind person without my glasses I couldn’t see as many details as the others but the coral reefs were beautiful and are legally protected and recognized national treasures by the Mexican government.


Dress first picture: thrifted, Outfit second picture: Top & Skirt: H&M, Shoes: Birkenstocks.

Our last little touristy thing we did was we toured a tequila farm which was very interesting. The particular place we toured produces tequila that’s organic and can not be exported to the US as it doesn’t fit the 40% alcohol standard. The owners produces alcohol at a 37% rate just with the agave plant and nothing else. It was a quick tour but cool to go on.

When we returned to Maryland I had one full day before I had to go home so my aunt took me to Ellicot City where we had high tea at a place called Tea on the Tiber. It was an adorable little tea shop with three separate floors to choose where to sit and a full menu of tea with your own pot each. It also come complete with scones to be eaten with lemon curd, clotted cream and jam, fruit, tea sandwiches and chocolate cake. it was heaven. I love high tea. I also must say that eating clotted cream with scones is a real delight and we should all do it more often.


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