Meet Adventure



My name is Kelly Curtis and I’m the author behind this blog Welcome to Adventure. I started this blog in 2013 as a freshman in high school, although I had been blogging since the seventh grade. The blog started as a place to document my personal style and as a way to immerse myself in fashion as I thought it would be my career of choice. My interests have greatly expanded since then, but this blog is still a place that I can document my opinions, life and interests. I am currently attending Seattle University. I no longer want to work in the fashion industry and instead have found something I am even more passionate about, leaving this planet and its inhabitants protected and provided for. I am currently on the track for Political Science and then hope to obtain my law degree and work in the government, a non profit, or overseas diplomacy creating a better world. My side interests are writing (I’m a particular sucker for poetry), historical documentaries, discovering new TV shows or movies, feminism, politics, Harry Potter, makeup and fashion.

I hope that you stay enjoy yourself and look around and  we can learn from each other, but I ask that you comment, correct or share your opinions in a safe and respectful manor.


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